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Founder Real Estate Agent Lorenzo

My name is Lorenzo Ruberti , I have been working as a Real Estate Agent since 2005 after having followed my studies and obtained the diploma of Surveyor; the real estate sector immediately fascinated me, the experience gained in these years has allowed me to dedicate all of myself to this work, putting love and passion every day, all accompanied by personal growth thanks to professional refresher courses that have taught me the importance and sensitivity of my role in a real estate sale.

I am deeply convinced that a Real Estate Agent is not a simple "seller" intended as someone who convinces a person to buy a property, but that professional figure of reference and trust in a negotiation that has the task of making all parties successful involved.

I've always put my face in the things I follow, I've never hidden behind a brand or behind a Brand; I learned to be personally responsible for all the activities I carry out for the sale of a property, from studying the documentation, planning the marketing plan for advertising, providing periodic reports on market trends, showing the property , to collect purchase proposals and prepare preliminary contracts, up to the organization of the notarial deed, following my customers in all phases of the sale until the positive closure of the same.

My goal is to become Your Trusted Real Estate Agent and Consultant! We all have trusted people in various fields, the doctor, the Notary the lawyer, not everyone has a Real Estate Agent you can trust.

With this personal conviction, I continue to advance in my life path, even professional, with optimism, curiosity and the desire to grow more and more.

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Founder Real Estate Agent Simona

My name is Simona and for several years I have been working as a Real Estate Agent in our family agency.
After graduating from high school, I completed three years of university studies at the Faculty of Arts - Sciences of the Goods Cultural and then gradually landed more and more in the real estate world.
After completing the exam and enrollment in the role of business agents in mediation, I was literally passionate about this work for its continuous stimuli for personal growth that every single situation puts you in front of you .. every client has a story, a personality, a need different from the others and our main task is to understand others, managing to put together opposite positions.
Empathy is fundamental in our work and it is precisely the aspect that has enriched me the most in recent years.

Within the agency I deal specifically with Leases and Sales, always supporting each other with our team.
In recent years I have also undertaken a new experience in the Management of Tourist Rentals thanks to important assignments in the splendid Versilia and in our wonderful Tuscan countryside. To date, I carry on all this with passion and the desire to always improve myself.

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Fotografo d’interni – Comunicazione - Social Media Marketing Alessandro

My name is Alessandro, I was born and raised in Pontedera and have always been fascinated by graphic arts and the world of communication.

Photography has been with me for a long time and has been part of my life, initially in the form of landscape photography to document my travels, but for several years now I have decided to take a step towards architectural and interior photography and turn this fantastic passion into a job.

In a world increasingly digitally oriented, the figure of the specialized photographer becomes essential within the real estate agency that looks to the future.

My role is to best represent the property to be sold by describing it in all its facets and to create bright and elegant photographs that can involve the potential buyer.

In our agency we do not underestimate the importance of targeted advertising and social network engagement. Thanks to these tools, we are able to increase our visibility, guaranteeing the customer a quick sale and optimal market value.

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Collaborator - Real Estate Agent Luca

My name is Luca, I was born in Pontedera, but I have always lived in the Municipality of Santa Maria a Monte.

I have always had particular interest in everything related to construction and in 2011 I graduated from the high school for surveyors in Pontedera, immediately taking the road to practice freelance by giving the exam for the qualification, during my path I inevitably also faced the world of real estate to the point of deciding to make a change to my path and I therefore obtained the license as a real estate broker, followed and accompanied by all the staff of this agency, thus becoming my job. For me, the Real Estate Agent must be able to combine the technical and professional aspect with the human one, having a relationship of utmost trust both with the proprietary customers and with future buyers or tenants.